Shadows From The Archive

During a relocation of the city archive in Kolding a large forgotten collection of glass plate portraits appeared. The photos dates from the late nineteen century and pictures the citizens from Kolding and the area around.

The portraits are being registered and identified by cross-referencing with the church books from the time. Using this data we know what each did for a living, who they married, how many children they had, and how they died.

Shadows From The Archive is an audiovisual installation where the user is invited step into the photographer's darkroom and explore his subject's story. In the tent you are standing face to face with one of the portrayed. As you slowly move around, you pass through the different phases of life – interpreted as an interactive soundscape.

The project is a research in digital storytelling set in a physical space. Your position is being picked up by a Xbox Kinect, which is used to control the soundscape. In this way you become co-creator of your own experience.

The application is written in Processing.


January 2017

Collaborative partner

Kolding Stadsarkiv


Søren Norge Lauridsen
Nanna Lundorff Jacobsen
Kira Skovbo Moser


Jonas Krogh

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